The Everything DiSC Difference

Everything DiSC® is the premiere personal development training solution because it offers an immediate and lasting impact on the performance of people and the cultures of organizations.

Leading Edge Market Insights
Through ongoing research with thousands of participants worldwide, Everything DiSC continuously refines its understanding of the marketplace. The result is a commitment to innovation that addresses the challenges faced by today’s organizations—now and into the future.

Customer-First Innovation and Design
Each Everything DiSC learning experience is built using an iterative design process that incorporates quantitative measures, qualitative feedback, and multiple rounds of beta testing. This focus on quality ensures an engaging and enjoyable experience that works—every time.

Personality Assessment Expertise
As the original DISC assessment provider with over 40 years of expertise, Everything DiSC prioritizes ongoing psychometric research and computer-adaptive testing to ensure validity, reliability, and relevance to today’s global workforce. This rigor ensures that all personalized profiles meet a 90%+ accuracy rating from learners.

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